Every Day In School Counts! 

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As a school our target is 97% and we hope to achieve this at the end of every academic year.

Research shows that children who consistently fall below 95% attendance are at risk of under achieving. Children below 90% are considered a high risk. We are concerned that children who miss school through poor attendance or late arrival will not do as well as they could.

We understand that children have illnesses and that sometimes they are reasons they are absent from school, but we need your continued support to meet attendance expectations.

 Introducing our Traffic Light System


RED category means that attendance is below 90% and is a BIG concern to us and therefore they will be monitored on a daily basis until it has improved.



 AMBER category means that attendance is between 90 % and 95% and therefore it is below school and government expectations.



GREEN category means that attendance is 95% or above and is meeting expectations, which is great.


The above system is linked to Assertive mentoring which all children know about.

Attendance and punctuality are monitored very closely by staff in school.  Below are links to information and forms.  If you require any support or advice please contact     Mrs Heron in school, she will be happy to assist.

School Attendance Information Leaflet for Parents  “HERE

Illness information Leaflet for Parents “HERE

FAQ’s Changes to Attendance Legislation “HERE

It is Government policy that we as a school are not able to authorise family holidays in term time however if you would like to apply for leave under exceptional circumstances click “HERE” for the form.

Half Term 1 Attendance Newsletter “HERE