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Trust News Update

The Trust Debating Team Event 2018 at Leeds Civic Hall. Our amazing team won the debate.
Well done everyone!


Cross Gates Primary School is a Trust School.

A shared trust is where a group of community schools take on foundation status separately but set up one shared trust, working together to share best practice. The trust doesn’t run the schools, the Headteacher and Governing Body do.

Working under the banner of a trust can clarify schools’ vision, focus, aims, expectations and standards to make collaboration more sustainable.

We are part of the Leeds East Primary Partnership along with Grange Farm Primary, White Laith Primary and Beechwood Primary. Partners in our trust include Leeds City Council, Leeds Trinity University College, The Brigshaw Co-Operative Trust and Friends of Foxwood Farm.

As a Trust we will:

  • Work together to improve the quality of teaching and learning and enrich learning experiences and raise standards of achievement in our schools.

  • Work together to strengthen the care, guidance and support for our children and families, particularly our most vulnerable.

  • Work together to achieve the best for all of our children by developing our staff and school leadership.

  • Work together to achieve better value for our schools.

Train to Teach  with Pathways Partnership 

(School Direct- Post Graduate Teacher Training programme )

Cross Gates Primary school is a partner school  in Pathways Partnership, which comprises 15 primary schools in a diverse range of contexts across the city of Leeds.
Follow the link below for further information about the programme and how to apply 

Visits to any of the partner schools will be warmly welcomed- please telephone the schools office for an appointment